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Doctoral Program in Education

The goal of Doctoral Program in Education is to prepare students for academic careers with highly professional skills for conducting research on the foundations of education. The Program encourages reflective and synthetic research of theory, system, and policy, and pursues the development of fundamental as well as theoretical research.

Faculty Area  Detailed Description of Research Field
Philosophy of Education
 HIRATA Yuji History of Japanese Education History of Education in Modern Japan and Nationalism, Orientalism, Colonialism
History of Foreign Education
 UEDA Takanori Lifelong Learning and Adult Education  Adult and Community Education and Lifelong Learning in East Asia, Educational History of Modern China
 FUJII Hodaka Educational System and Organization  Educational System and Organization
 SATO Mariko Comparative and Internatioanl Education  Comparative Education in Developing Countries, Educational Assistance for Developing Countries
 MINEI Akiko Comparative and Internatioanl Education Education for International Understanding, Globalization and Education Reform, Education in former Soviet Union
 KUBOTA Shinji Educational Governance: Policy and Politics  British Educational Administration System, Parental Rights on School, Comparative Study on School Evaluation, Legal Case Study on School Affairs
 HAMADA Hirofumi School Management  School Management in the U.S.A. and Japan, Teacher Education, Principalship, School Improvement
 SATO Hiroshi School Management Study of School Management in Australia, Study of Theory and Practice for School Innovation
SANO Takako Educational Organization Development Human Resovce Development, Organization Development, Adult Leavuning, Organizational behavior
OKAMOTO Tomochika Sociology of education
FUJITA Teruyuki Career Education Career Education, Educational and Vocational Guidance

Staff and Faculty