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Master’s Programs in Education

The Master’s Program in Education aims at giving the students profound knowledge, and at developing their expertise and abilities which enable them to be engaged in research and highly professional activities in education. With this aim, the Program has 2 majors: School Leadership and Professional Development, Secondary Education. Each major is open to domestic (members of society / working persons) and foreign students, including in-service trainees.

School Leadership and Professional Development aims at developing Leaders for school management and for the teaching profession. This major has two courses: School Leader Course and Learning and Life Support Coordinator Course for supporting instruction and school life of students. It was established in 2006 to develop school leaders as professionals for solving students’ problems and making school-based management.

Secondary Education aims at training prospective and in-service teachers playing leading roles in secondary education. This major has 7 courses: Japanese Language Education, Social Studies Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, English Language Education, Health and Physical Education and Arts Education. In teaching academic subjects on each course, theoretical and practical instructions are offered in specialized fields of study, such as teaching academic subjects at the high school level, classroom analysis, special lectures, seminars, practices and experiments.

The Program has 100 enrolled students (20 for School Leadership and Professional Development, 80 for Secondary Education) and about 140 faculty members. The number of foreign students who graduated from the program is 218 (from 1977 to 2014 academic year). Since 1980, this program has also accepted about 10 non-degree in-service overseas teacher trainees from various countries in each year (for a year and a half) with a special curriculum, such as Education in Japan and lectures on major fields.

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