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Master’s Program in Education Sciences

The goal of Master’s Program in Education Sciences is to prepare students for academic careers with broad knowledge and professional skills on education sciences under the new integrated curriculum concentrated on the theory and practice in the area.

Master’s Program in Education Sciences consists of three major fields of basic education sciences, applied sciences on school education and education for human coexistence, and offers the areas listed below:

  1. Philosophy of Education
  2. History of Japanese Education
  3. History of Foreign Education
  4. Lifelong Learning and Adult Education
  5. Educational System and Organization
  6. Comparative and International Education
  7. Educational Governance: Policy and Politics
  8. School Management
  9. Curriculum Study
  10. Teaching Method
  11. Moral Education
  12. Educational Technology
  13. Career Education
  14. Social Studies Education
  15. Language Education
  16. Mathematics Education
  17. Science Education
  18. Education for Human Coexistence (Sociology of Human Coexistence, Sociology of Education, Educational Administration Development, Educational and Clinical Psychology)

Staff and Faculty