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Guide to Undergraduate Courses

The College of Education provides variety of academic programs related to learning and education in three wide contexts, “at home”, “at school” and “in society”, from a perspective that integrates theory and practice. The college offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to “education”, from the individual to the national and international levels. Students learn about various social and cultural aspects of educational issues and phenomena and acquire a comprehensive understanding of the human society, to become competent specialists involved in the various and wide-range educational issues of the present society. In order to achieve the goal, the college provides a curriculum subdivided into four areas: personality formation, school education development, educational planning and design, and regional and international education.

Faculty and Program

Curriculum and Syllabus


The School of Human Sciences is made of 3 colleges, the College of Education, the College of Psychology, and the College of Disability Sciences. Our School aims at training people widely interested in the human being, the society and the nature, able to analyze and understand the human development and its support in a scientific manner, and able to solve practical problems creatively. The School of Human Sciences made good use of over 30 years’ achievements of the former College of Human Sciences, and created a curriculum for each college meant to train people to be able to contribute in many ways to the formation and social development of human beings. Great importance is attached both to theoretical learning and to field experience related to human formation. Furthermore, inter-college course registration is also considered.

Aims of the School of Human Sciences

Greeting of the Dean of the School of Human Sciences

Schools Colleges Main Fields Degree Granted
School of Human Sciences College of Education Education B. of Arts in Education
College of Psychology Psychology B. of Arts in Psychology
College of Disability Sciences Disability Sciences B. of Arts in Disability Sciences B. of Arts in Special Education B. of Science in Social Work


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