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Faculty Detailed Description of Research Field
Philosophy of Education
Yusuke Hirai
History of Japanese Education
Yuji Hirata History of Education in Modern Japan and Nationalism, Orientalism, Colonialism
Moral Education
Maria Tanaka Moral Education, J.J. Rousseau’s Theory of Education
Takeo Yoshida Moral Education, Steiner Education
Career Education
Teruyuki Fujita Career Education, Educational and Vocational Guidance
Educational Governance: Policy and Politics
Shinji Kubota British Educational Administration System, Parental Rights on School, Comparative Study on School Evaluation, Legal Case Study on School Affairs
Educational System and Organization
Hodaka Fujii Educational System and Organization
Masumi Hoshino Educational System and Organization, Educational Finance, A study on the legislative and financial system of the Class Size Reduction
Comparative and International Education
Tastanbekova Kuanysh Language education policy for indigenous, immigrant and ethnic minority; Multicultural education; Education policy in Central Asian Republics; Education policy of international organizations
School Management
Hiroshi Sato School Management Reform, Self-Managing Schools and Accountability
Hirofumi Hamada School Management in the U.S.A. and Japan, Teacher Education, School Improvement
Sociology of Education
Hiroyuki Iida Youth Socialization, Childrearing in Community, High School Education, Educational Reform, Sociology of Education
Tomochika Okamoto Searching and Creating of Educational Knowledge to Promote Human Coexistence Social functions of schools, Education and nationalism in Japan and the U.S., Immigration and social integration in Japan and the U.S.
Lifelong Learning and Adult Education
Takanori Ueda Adult and Community Education and Lifelong Learning in East Asia, Educational History of Modern China
Curriculum Study
Tomomi Netsu Curriculum Evaluation, Curriculum Development, Extra-Curricular Activities, Evaluation Theory
Teaching Method
Naohiro Higuchi Teaching Skills, Research on Teaching, Critical Thinking Education, Primary-Secondary Consistent Education
Educational and Clinical Psychology
Ichiko Shoji Educational Clinics, Developmental Clinical Psychology School Maladjustment Problems of Interpersonal Relationship in Children and Students Education for Parents and Parenting
Language Education
Yuichiro Kai History of Japanese Language Education
Hikaru Katsuta
Social Studies Education
Yoshiyasu Ida Social Studies Education, Geography Education, New Zealand Studies, Comparative Education between Japan and other, Countries, GIS in School Education
Kiyoshi Karaki Civic Education, Learning for Social Participation, Service Learning
Mari Kokubu History Education, Education for History of Japan-Korea Relations, Historical Education in Modern Korea
Science Education
Katsuhiro Katahira Theory of Teaching Science, Assessment of Teaching Science, Environmental Education
Yoko Yamamoto
Mathematics Education
Masami Isoda Mathematics Education, Epistemological and Cognitive Researches such as Understanding and Emotional change in classroom, Mathematics History and Teaching with Technology
Yoshinori Shimizu International Comparisons of Mathematics Education, Cognitive Analysis of Mathematical Thinking, Assessment in Mathematics Education
Naomichi Makinae History of Japanese Mathematics Education