Title Assistant Professor
Degree Ph.D. (Psychology)
Division Psychology
Research Field Educational Psychology
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences, College of Psychology
Graduate School Program (Main) Psychology (Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes

Time Perspective, Temporal Cognition, Career Development

Publications/Major Achievements
  • Chishima, Y., & Nagamine, M. (2021). Unpredictable changes: Different effects of derailment on well-being between North American and East Asian samples. Journal of Happiness Studies, 1-22. Advance online publication. [Link]
  • Chishima, Y., Liu, I-T. H-C., & Wilson, A. E. (2021). Temporal distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic: Letter writing with future self can mitigate negative affect. Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being, 1-13. Advance online publication. [Link]
  • Chishima, Y., & Wilson, A. E. (2020). Conversation with a future self: A letter-exchange exercise enhances student self-continuity, career planning and academic thinking. Self & Identity, 1-26. Advance online publication. [Link]
  • Chishima, Y., Murakami, T., Worrell, F. C., & Mello, Z. R. (2019). The Japanese version of the Adolescent Time Inventory-Time Attitudes (ATI-TA) scale: Internal consistency, structural validity, and convergent validity. Assessment,26(2), 181-192. [Link]
  • Chishima, Y., Mizuno, M., Sugawara, D., & Miyagawa,Y. (2018). The influence of self-compassion on cognitive appraisals and coping with stressful events. Mindfulness,9(6), 1907-1915. [Link]
  • Chishima, Y., McKay, M. & Murakami, T. (2017). The reliability and validity of the temporal focus scale in young Japanese adults. Personality and Individual Differences, 119, 230-235. [Link]
  • Chishima, Y., McKay, M., & Cole, J. (2017). The generalizability of temporal focus profiles across cultures: A secondary analysis using data from Japan and the United Kingdom. Personality and Individual Differences,111, 92-95. [Link]
Scientific Membership

The Japanese Psychological Association

The Japanese Association of Educational Psychology

Japanese Society of Youth and Adolescent Psychology

Social and Outreach Activity
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