CHO, Sungha

Title Assistant Professor
Degree Ph.D
Division Disability Sciences
Research Field Special needs education, Applied Behavior Analysis
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences, College of Disability Sciences
Graduate School Program (Main)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes

1 Approach for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Based on Applied Behavior Analysis
2 Approach for Children with Selective Mutism Based on Applied Behavior Analysis
3 The Early Childhood Special Education in South Korea

Publications/Major Achievements

Publications/Major Achievements
<Peer Reviewed Scientific Journal>
1. Sungha Cho, Sae Kouchiyama and Shigeki Sonoyama(2019)Application of Stimulus Fading and Contingency Management with the Introduction of Clinic-Based Behavioral Intervention for a Child with Selective Mutism. Japanese journal of disability sciences, 43(1), 183-192.
2. Sungha Cho, Shigeki Sonoyama(2018)A Brief Review of the Literature on the Prevalence of Selective Mutism. Japanese journal of disability sciences, 42, 227-236.
3. Sungha Cho and Shigeki Sonoyama(2018)A study on the simultaneous food presentation for food selectivity in a child with autism spectrum disorder. The Japanese Journal of Autistic Spectrum, 15(2), 37-50.
4. Yongjae Lim and Sungha Cho(2017)Current Situation and Issues of the Early Childhood Special Education in Korea. Japanese Journal on Developmental Disabilities, 39(4), 349-356.
5. Cho Sungha and Sonoyama Shigeki(2017)Parent-Implemented Liquid Fading to Establish Milk Consumption in a Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Special Educational Research, 6(1), 45-53.
6. Shigeki Sonoyama and Sungha Cho・Akiko Kuramitsu(2017)Preliminary Study of Non-attendance at Schools for Special Needs Education. Japanese journal of disability sciences, 41(1), 173-182.
7. Shigeki Sonoyama and Sungha Cho(2017)The Development of Special Needs Education in Japan: Quantitative Analysis Based on Results from the School Basic Survey. Human and Culture, 1(1), 117-124.
8. Cho Sungha, Nooraniza Hayati Binti Mohd Noor and Sonoyama Shigeki(2017)A Review of Activity Schedules for Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Special Educational Research, 5(2), 65-76.
9. Yoshitaka Suzuki, Hisaki Maekawa and Sungha Cho(2015)Education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Bavaria, Germany.The Japanese journal of hearing and language disorders, 43(2), 105-111.
10. Hiroyuki Matsushita, Kumi Sato, Sungha Cho, Maiko Okumura, Takanobu Sakai, Mae Shimoyama and Shigeki Sonoyama(2018)A Therapeutic Approach to Selective Mutism in Canada -Through a Visiting of McMaster Children’s Hospital-. Bulletin for the Education of Children with Disorders, University of Yamanashi, 106-129.

1. Seungchul Kwak, Jina Noh, Sungha Cho, Youngmo Yang:『Activity Schedules for Children with Autism』, Sigma Press, 97-171, 2017. Co-translation. (English ➝ Korean)
2. Shigeki Sonoyama(Translation supervisor), Maiko Okumura, Kumi Sato, Takanobu Sakai, Taro Amagai, Akemi Ebihara, Aya Fujiwara and Sungha Cho:『Treatment for Children with Selective Mutism: An Integrative Behavioral Approach』、Niheisha, 119-114, 2018. Co-translation. (English ➝ Japanese)

Scientific Membership

The Japanese Association of Special Education Member
The Japanese Association for Behavior Analysis Member
Association for Behavior Analysis International Member
The Japanese Academy of Autistic Spectrum Member
Japanese Association for the Study of Developmental Disabilities Member
Association of Disability Sciences, Japan Member

Social and Outreach Activity

 The Japanese Association of Special Education Research Committee assistant
Japanese journal of disability sciences editorial assistant


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