Title Junior Assistant Professor
Degree Ph.D.(Psychology)
Division Disability Sciences
Research Field Applied Behavior Analysis, Clinical Developmental Psychology, Special Support Education
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences, College of Disability Sciences
Graduate School Program (Main)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes
  • Early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders
    (communication・social interaction)
  • School transition programfor children with developmental disorder
    (reading skill・social skill)
Publications/Major Achievements
  • Ishizuka, Y. & Yamamoto, J. (in press). The effect of sequential stimulus pairing procedure on reading skills in a preschool child with autism spectrum disorder, Japanese Journal of Behavior Analysis, 34.
  • Ishikawa, N., Ishizuka, Y., & Yamamoto J. (in press). Construction and evaluation of a “Class Participation” Program for preschool children with developmental disabilities, Japanese Journal of Special Education Research, 56.
  • Ishizuka, Y. (2019). Applied behavior analysis and comprehensive early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder, Journal of Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Pediatrics, 27, 433-435.
  • Ishizuka, Y. (2017). Social imaging and development support: advanced development support method using “contingent imitation,” Developmental education, March, 18-19.
  • Ishizuka, Y. & Yamamoto, J. (2016). Promoted speech intelligibility in a child with autism spectrum disorder by contingent imitation and contingent extended imitation training: a case study, Studies in Sociology, Psychology and Education: Inquiries into Humans and Societies,81, 19-29.
  • Ishizuka, Y. Yamamoto, J. (2016). Contingent imitation increases verbal interaction in
    children with autism spectrum disorders, Autism: The International Journal of Research
    and Practice, Vol.20, No.8, pp.1011-1020, April 2016.
  • Ishizuka, Y. & Yamamoto, J. (2014). The effects of contingent imitation on verbal communication and social interaction in a non-verbal child with autism: a case study, Studies in Sociology, Psychology and Education: Inquiries into Humans and Societies,78, 1-15.
Scientific Membership

The Japanese Association for Behavior Analysis
The Japanese Association for Special Education
Japan society of Developmental Psychology
Japanese Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies
Association of Disability Sciences, Japan

Social and Outreach Activity
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Elementary School, A classroom for special needs children, Clinical Developmental Psychologist
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Health Center, Psychological Consultation
  • Outreach activities on special support education for children with developmental disabilities: Lectures and workshops.
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