Greeting of the Dean of the School of Human Sciences

History of this school

Our school starts as new school consisting of College of Education, College of Psychology, and College of Disability Sciences in April 2007. Our school dates back to the establishment of Normal School in 1872. Foundational principles and traditions are inherited to the Tokyo Normal School, the Tokyo Higher Normal School, then Tokyo University of Science and Literature, and then Tokyo University of Education. We have produced human resources to the world of education and contributed to lay the foundation of modernization of this country.

Ideas and policies of education

We take efforts to cultivate human resources who can contribute to solve modern and international problems in new era. Therefore, we value three things as follows.

First, it’s the fullness of the core-curriculum. Students learn basic and practical things concerning each college, carrier-design, international cooperation of education, and fieldworks, through core-curriculum.

Second, it’s smooth guidance through system of small class. Capacity of this school is 120 people for each year, and there are about 100 teachers. Also, according to homeroom teacher system, teachers can care of students speedy.

Third, it’s instructions with taking advantages of resources in and out of the university.University of Tsukuba have 6 attached schools and 5 special support education schools. These are valuable for linking practices and what students have learned in university. Also, we hold exchanges with partner universities in foreign countries.

People say that students of this school are impressive for their cheerful attitude to leaning. We welcome sincere students who learn “human” and by “human,” and value talking hopes together.

Dean of the School of Human Sciences, Saho Ayabe