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Concept and Framework

  1. Systematic curriculums
    You can study common subjects, individual specialized subjects and graduation research subjects step by step.
  2. A wide array of courses
    You can study in depth a variety of specialized subjects according to your interests and concerns.
  3. Study of diverse knowledge on psychology
    You can carry out wide-ranging and balanced studies from experimental psychology to clinical psychology.
  4. Methods of creating new knowledge
    You can learn how to create knowledge from lectures and experiments. You can also learn how to use tools (for statistics and languages).
  5. Upgraded practical subjects
    Practical and training-based seminar subjects are available to give you the opportunity for hands-on study.

  Acquisition of Knowledge Presentation and Discussion Acquisition of Research Methods and Techniques   Practice and Training
1st year Introduction to Psychology I, II   Lecture and Practice in Statistical Analysis Methodology of Psychology I, II Practice and Training in Psychology I
2nd year Lectures on Specialized Subjects English Seminar in Psychology Practice in Basic Methods of Psychology Research Methods in Psychology I Practice and Training in Psychology II
3rd year Special Lectures on Various Topics Seminars on Specialized Subjects Advanced Data Analysis in Psychology Research Methods in Psychology II Practice and Training in Psychology III
Seminar for Graduation Study
4th year
Graduation Study

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