Innovative Projects


Special Training Program for Academic Writing in English
Special Training Programs for Academic Presentation in English
Lecture on Inquisit Web and Online Experiments.
Lecture on Qualtrics.
Comprehensive agreement between Qualtrics and Inquisit Web.


Creation of an advanced educational program to bring up internationally competitive psychological researchers

Summary: The program aimed to bring up internationally competitive psychological researchers by focusing on the following three abilities: (1) the ability to conceive and conduct pioneering research, (2) the ability to collect data using online tools and perform advanced statistical analysis, and (3) the ability to present research and submit papers in English.

Fostering Global Competence in Graduate Students through Collaboration with Campus in Campus (CiC) Partner Universities

Summary: In light of the recent drastic changes in social conditions, it is essential to develop language skills and “global competence,” including values and attitudes, to think in different cultural contexts. This project aims to develop and create educational contents to cultivate global competence with the cooperation of Ohio State University, a CiC partner school.


Construction of a Psychology Competency Formation Program through Active Learning

Abstract: This project aimed to construct a learning system to form psychological competencies through “active learning” in which students themselves are actively involved, mainly in the Master’s Program, and to verify the effects of this system.