Psychology is the science of human mind and behavior, and it is crucial for understanding human beings.
    We offer two programs in Psychology, a master’s and a doctoral program. In these programs students study a wide range of psychological sciences and conduct research in this field. Upon completion of these programs students will be professional practitioners with a strong basis in psychological science.
    Both programs have two subprograms: the general psychology subprogram and the clinical psychology subprogram.
    The General Psychology Subprogram covers the research regions of psychology science, such as cognitive psychology, educational psychology, developmental psychology, and social psychology. The subprogram is designed to cultivate researchers specializing in these subjects, as well as high-level professionals who use psychological findings and methodologies to solve problems.
    The Clinical Psychology Subprogram is designed to develop researchers specializing in clinical psychology and developmental clinical psychology, as well as clinical psychology practitioners. This subprogram includes the curricula required for eligibility to apply for the licensed psychologists’ examination (Certified Public Psychologist:CPP(Japan)). Moreover, the subprogram is certified by the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists as a Type 1 designated graduate school, with graduates meeting the eligibility to take the clinical psychologist’s examination.
    Moreover, the program is closely aligned with the programs in Neuroscience and in Counselling, also collaborating with the Program of Empowerment Informatics.

Diploma offered upon completion of programs

The Doctor program; Philosophy of Doctor (PhD) in Psychology

The Master’s program; Master of Arts in Psychology

Possible careers after completing the program

The Doctoral program: Researcher at a university or research institutes.

The Master’s program: Continuing studies in a doctoral program in psychology; clinical psychological practitioner; psychological practitioner in cognitive engineering or human engineering; professional practitioner based on psychological sciences in either public or private sector institutions